Tracing & POD Documents

All of your shipment information can be easily accessed on-line from your desktop. You can track your shipment by

  1. Our pro number
  2. Your shipper number
  3. Or by a date range

Our document imaging system allows you to view your requested POD or Bill-of-Lading. Our system also allows you to view the status of your pickup and delivery in real-time.

Pickup Request

McDonough Truck Line, Inc. offers our customers the opportunity of placing a pickup through the internet which goes directly to our dispatchers desktop screen for dispatching pickups to the drivers via their Nextel radios. At the time the customer places the pickup request, a live pickup number is generated and starts the life cycle of that order. The newly created order number now can be traced in real-time until the shipment is delivered. Efficiency and convenience are the two benefits from using McDonough’s online pickup request.

All pickup requests generated through the internet, must be placed two (2) hours prior to closing of the shipping location and prior to 2:00 p.m. Anything after this time, must be called in directly to our Dispatch at (507) 334-9374.

Rate Inquiry

As a convenience to our customers, we offer you on-line access to your rates using your User ID and Password, giving you the ability to know your freight charges before receiving our invoice, and without needing to call our customer service staff.

For new customers interested in a rate quote, please contact our Dispatch. We will make every effort to understand your shipping needs in order to propose our most cost–effective rates.

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